Depending on the selected dishes, the restaurant will add a paid package.

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We usually deliver the order in 40-60 minutes (the time for delivery depends on the food being delivered and the workload at the specific pizzeria at that moment.

0-1 km – AMD 400, 1-5 km – AMD 500, 5-10 km – AMD 600, starting from 10 km – AMD 600 + AMD 100 per km.

The order is delivered only in the cities where we have branches. You can pay with either cash or a credit card. If payment is made with a credit card, the order of the customer is considered accepted when the online payment is successful and the money is charged from the account of the customer for the corresponding purchase. In case of cash payment, the order for purchase is considered accepted as soon as the purchase is over.

Procedure for return

A customer has the right to cancel the order, if it is delivered later than 60 minutes, or if the customer simply wants to cancel the order, if no more than 10 minutes have passed since the order. In case the order is canceled in the specified period, the full amount is returned to the customer.

The reimbursed amount is returned through the following forms of payment used when the order was being placed:

• in case of payment with a debit card, the amount is returned to the same debit card;

• in case of bank transfer, the amount is returned to the same bank account;

• in case of payment via the Idram payment system, the amount is returned to the same Idram account.

ATTENTION։ Pizza Tashir LLC shall not bear liability

• for malfunctioning and defects of banking systems that may have caused damage to the customer.

• in case the information provided via the website or verbally is incomplete or inaccurate. Pay attention to the indications made on the website — some products on our menu may be products that are only served at the pizzeria, or it might be impossible to prepare certain dishes from among the variety of displayed products or deliver them at the moment of delivery.