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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform the visitors of the "Pizza Tashir" website about our policy of processing and saving any data provided by them.

Gathering information.

You can use our website in two ways, by registering and without registering.


By entering your personal data, which we keep confidential in accordance with the provisions of the RA Law on Personal Data Protection and can not be transferred to third parties, except in cases strictly prescribed by law, you can be sure of the strict protection of any information you provide to us and the effectiveness of our privacy policy.

Remember that registering on our website will make it much easier to use the website.

According to the RA Law on Personal Data Protection, we can legally collect and store the following information, or personal data ․

Any information provided by you is used solely for the proper service, to send an order confirmation letter, to contact you easily, to inform you of news, to meet your requirements more effectively, and to satisfy you.

We may also collect non-personal information for organizing statistics and our commercial activities more effective, such as:

You can correct or update your personal data at any time by editing your personal page.

You can cancel your membership on our website at any time by notifying us.

If you wish, your membership and personal information will be removed within 5 days of your termination request.

At the end of the registration process on the website, you will be provided with a unique password and username. The mentioned password cannot be transferred to another person by us. It must be strictly saved by you too.

If you use a shared computer, do not forget to log out if you leave it.

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