Depending on the selected dishes, the restaurant will add a paid package.

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Big Rolls

Big Rolls

Roll "Singapore" 8 pc.

Smoked salmon, tomato, mayonnaise

1700 amd
Roll "Glamour" 8 pc.

Crab sticks, cream cheese, avocado, mayonnaise

1800 amd
Roll "Caprice" 8 pc.

Salmon, cream cheese, avocado

2000 amd
Roll "Giant" 8 pc.

Crab sticks, cream cheese, cucumber

1800 amd
Roll "Magic Tempura" 8 pc.

Sturgeon, avocado, cream cheese

2000 amd
Roll "Big Canada" 8 pc.

Eel, avocado, cream cheese

2990 amd
Roll "Texas" 8 pc.

Eel, sturgeon, spice sauce

2300 amd
Roll "Tempura with chicken" 8 pc.

Rice, nori, chicken, Bulgarian pepper

2000 amd
Roll "Hiashi" 8 pc.

Rice, nori, hiashi, chesse, cucumber, tobiko

2000 amd
Roll "Big philadelphia" 8 pc.

Salmon, avocado, cream cheese

2890 amd